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May 14, 2020

Malaysia Tourism

Trip to Malaysia

Best Places to Visit Malaysia

If countries in the world awarded about diversity, Malaysia would top first place . not only is meeting of ethnic cultures, it is also a blend of many different customs, religions all coexisting peacefully together. this is the best places to visit Malaysia, include the cultural, historic and natural attractions.


Penang island is a famous tourism destination, historic diversity, rich culinary. position along traveled shipping routes the world travel. Penang island located in the strait of Malacca off northwestern coast of west Malaysia. with a colorful array of architecture, cultures and cuisine abundance of Malaysia country.


Langkawi island located northwestern coast of Malaysia, Langkawi island boasting picturesque beaches, an archipelago included 99 islands with rainforest, mangroves and forest mountains. In recent years, hotels, resorts, restaurants and other tourist facilities have strongly developed.


Melaka an important position on the busy sea route between India and china, located on southwestern coast of Malaysia. Melaka was ruled over for centuries between Indian, Portuguese, British and Dutch governments and become a modern city. this is the most city to visit traveler with architecture, culture, traditions and cuisine all also its rich heritage.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, the beautiful tableland offers lush scenery with colorful flower farms. Cameron highlands is one of the tourism attractions, located on 1500 meters , this is temperature always cool, with almost all year round in temperature 25 degrees. This is also the best place to enjoy at https://my.bet888win.net/live_casino/ if you have an interest in betting.

Taman Negara

Taman Negara is the oldest national park of Malaysia and is considered to one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world. this place, visitors can enjoy waterfalls, trekking, bird watching, fishing and have a chance to see wild elephants.

The Botanic Garden in Penang

The Botanic Garden is located near the bottom of Waterfall Road from downtown Georgetown 8km. As an attractive tourist destination in Penang Island, you should visit when coming here. The reason for this garden called the waterfall Garden because at the end of the garden, there is a 122M high waterfall forming a poetic flow around the garden. Every day here welcomes thousands of visitors, watching the gentle stream of water flows around the tree.

The third Place to visit is Penang Hill, with 821m altitude compared to sea level, Penang Hill is an attractive place for visitors to enjoy the fresh air and panoramic view of the island from high.

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