Historical Places in Malaysia

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May 14, 2020

Historical Places in Malaysia

Malaysia is known for its larger than life place, where one can have unlimited fun and nightlife. The most promosing thing among many is Genting Highlands which is better known as City of Entertainment where you can play bwins888, gdbet333, welibet etc. However Malaysia is not only about happening place but it also has best historical places in the world, these places are enriched with its traditional and historical buildings, it is often visited by many travelers and it is true blenders of Malaysian culture.  It is visited by many tourists for landscape, location, and some adventure sports. The most popular historical places that one must visit during the trip are,

Formosa Fortress- it was built by Portuguese during 1500’s, the meaning is “the famous” in the Portuguese language.  It is one of the historical places in Malaysian, it has witnessed a big impact on Malaysian culture and history. You can enjoy with the glimpse of magnificent ancient structure and Malaysian history.

Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum– It symbolizes the history of Malaccan region, located in Malacca. This museum display collection of prints, photographic and different artworks, it was a made during the Melaka period by its community people. The museum is 3 storey building with a total of 8 chambers and 3 galleries, which include royal weapons, halls, royal gifts and bands.

Saint Paul church in Malacca– It is one of the 5 Portuguese build churches, it was built in 1521 on top of the hill. It still remains and is visited by tourist to view this beautiful church.

Bukit China– The largest cemetery outside China, located on north-east part of Malacca. It is the largest graveyard of the Chinese community during the 17th century. It has a significance in the history of Malaysia and many historic teams will visit this place.

The Stadthuys– The Dutch architecture was built during 1650 and was the official residence for Dutch governors and officers. This museum is opened now for public views, it displays many traditional outfits, artefacts, Malaccan items and many historical materials.

Cheng Hoon Teng– The Buddhist temple and one of the oldest temple in Malaysia, it has a huge space with an area covering 4600 Sq.mtrs. It includes numerous halls for prayer, 7mtr long flagpole is the most delightful features about this place. Many tourists visit this place during their visit to Malaysia.

Kampung Kling Mosque– It is the oldest mosque in Malacca city build during 1748. This mosque is main worship centre for Muslim Indian community. The minaret imposed just beside mosque is the most eye-catching structure. The architectural design of this place reflects Malaysian culture, tradition and history.

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