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About us

Established as a family business in 1983, Abonim has grown to become one of the leading real estate companies in the country. Its reputation was mostly given by the low fees and costs – basically, we charge up to three times less than other agencies. People come here with a budget in mind and we make it happen.

Having lower fees does not mean that we sacrifice quality or compromise your finances. Our reputation is not built on fees, but on successful adventures. We will ride with you and guide you in the optimal direction. Of course, the final decision will always be yours, but we will be here to tell you why it is good or bad.

While we deal with both buyers and sellers, we are actually specialized in buyers. We help people find their dream homes and we guide them throughout the process.

Our work

At a first glance, our services look quite diversified. However, as you get to know us and we get to know you, you will discover a new friend.

What does buying a home involve?
Buying a home looks like an overwhelming task. It is not. In fact, it covers two steps. The first one implies finding the perfect home – take your time. The second one implies buying it. Overall, we will help you throughout the entire process.
Are there many procedures involved?
This is why everyone who wants to buy or sell will rely on a professional to help them out. Unless you work in this industry, you probably have no clue about the paperwork. Besides, you want to be covered, rather than sign a problematic contract. You can relax knowing that we handle all these potential issues for you.
Is buying a house a time consuming process?
Finding the actual house is what takes time. You can find a dream house in an hour or two months. We recommend taking your time because you will spend decades in your new house. Once you find it, everything becomes easy with us by your side. It is said to be a stressful process, but we look after you, so you are safe.