About Thai amulets

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August 27, 2020

About Thai amulets

Picking up souvenir is a great concept of traveling. In Thailand there are many things which are more valuable than a key chain or snow globe can be taken home. I’m talking about amulets in Thai. An interesting article about amulets is here.

All over Thailand, you can purchase Thai amulets. You will see markets are packed with them. Amulets can be prepared from wood, metal, plaster or bone, & come in designs & shapes of all kinds. Many of them depict Buddha, while others portray mythical creatures or famous monks (although Buddha himself didn’t promote wearing of amulet).

They comes in several shapes & sizes, there is one thing all these amulets have in common i.e. they offer the wearer some sort of profit. Joy, luck, wealth, career development, risk defense, backstabber avoidance, enhanced charisma—all these are obtained from the authentic amulet.

If these amulets really have magical abilities, I can’t tell for sure. Of course it’s possible, but I can’t guarantee they’ll bring you luck, love, or money. However I am sure that all of them have magical power to remind you Thailand trip.

“Whether in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, or any other place, some people often face same question in their minds & that is, “Does Thai amulets cost so high? We have repeatedly answered this query, especially in a less accustomed Thai environment like Taiwan. Hence, we will discuss the importance & economy of Thai amulets listed at https://thaiamulets888.com/lp-toh-wat-pradoochimplee/. We will explain the readers about the fundamental value & economic forces from Thai perspective in this article.

The View of Thailand

The actual pricing of these Thai amulets, like every other product, eventually begins with manufacturing costs, including moulding, design, raw materials, salaries, packaging, taxes and so on. The consecration ceremonies cost followed by advertisement costs will be next. Finally, to brief final product price, an intended sum to be increased will be applied.

Many factors contribute in popularity of Thai amulets & the prestige of arising temple or monk is the most outstanding. This is identical to the name of a brand.

Real amulets are considered as antique and value of it rises with age. The values of the thai amulets are high because the batch of amulets that gets released will be either destroyed or lost so as the time passes so the remaining amulets are the scarce so that raise in demand for the old amulets increases the price. This is particularly so when monk is extremely prominent and famous. In this group, the most of the outstanding are undoubtedly those Somdej amulet created & consecrated by PhraPhuttachantohPromarangsi, whose present value easily starts from 7 digit onwards. If you’ve got a deal for the show, think twice.

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