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We represent both buyers and sellers, meaning we have a huge portfolio of buying and selling clients. Once we find out what you are looking for and what your personal necessities are, we can make a few good recommendations that will impress you. Most of our buying customers have found their dream houses within days only.

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p>We are known as one of the cheapest real estate companies on the market. We have many customers, so we believe in low fees. Commissions are really low and may range between 3% and 7%. Of course, there are many factors to take in consideration. Every collaboration is different – we are transparent though.

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We are specialized in the entire process of getting a house. This means we will first assess your needs. We will then find the ideal house for you, come up with ideas and suggestions. Once you find your dream home, we will take care of all the paperwork for you and guide you in the right direction until you are ready to move in.

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About Thai amulets

Picking up souvenir is a great concept of traveling. In Thailand there are many things which are more valuable than a key chain or snow globe can be taken home. I’m talking about amulets in Thai. An interesting article about amulets is here.

All over Thailand, you can purchase Thai amulets. You will see markets are packed with them. Amulets can be prepared from wood, metal, plaster or bone, & come in designs & shapes of all kinds. Many of them depict Buddha, while others portray mythical creatures or famous monks (although Buddha himself didn’t promote wearing of amulet).

They comes in several shapes & sizes, there is one thing all these amulets have in common i.e. they offer the wearer some sort of profit. Joy, luck, wealth, career development, risk defense, backstabber avoidance, enhanced charisma—all these are obtained from the authentic amulet.

If these amulets really have magical abilities, I can’t tell for sure. Of course it’s possible, but I can’t guarantee they’ll bring you luck, love, or money. However I am sure that all of them have magical power to remind you Thailand trip.

“Whether in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, or any other place, some people often face same question in their minds & that is, “Does Thai amulets cost so high? We have repeatedly answered this query, especially in a less accustomed Thai environment like Taiwan. Hence, we will discuss the importance & economy of Thai amulets listed at We will explain the readers about the fundamental value & economic forces from Thai perspective in this article.

The View of Thailand

The actual pricing of these Thai amulets, like every other product, eventually begins with manufacturing costs, including moulding, design, raw materials, salaries, packaging, taxes and so on. The consecration ceremonies cost followed by advertisement costs will be next. Finally, to brief final product price, an intended sum to be increased will be applied.

Many factors contribute in popularity of Thai amulets & the prestige of arising temple or monk is the most outstanding. This is identical to the name of a brand.

Real amulets are considered as antique and value of it rises with age. The values of the thai amulets are high because the batch of amulets that gets released will be either destroyed or lost so as the time passes so the remaining amulets are the scarce so that raise in demand for the old amulets increases the price. This is particularly so when monk is extremely prominent and famous. In this group, the most of the outstanding are undoubtedly those Somdej amulet created & consecrated by PhraPhuttachantohPromarangsi, whose present value easily starts from 7 digit onwards. If you’ve got a deal for the show, think twice.

Tracking With GPS

Almost everything is possible today. We cannot control how being advanced we are. From the way we do things, the way we look, and the way we think. There are tools and processes invented to make things done with the snap of a finger and to make the impossible things of before possible.

Our mobile phones are one shouting evident of this advancement. Before, we use mobile phones to communicate via call. Time came when the call as the only mode of long distance communication is now partnered with text messaging.  Overtime, people were able to embed internet into our phones and this created more doors of advancement right in the palm of our hands.

One empowerment that smart phones created is the ability to locate people using GPS technology. GPS software can be downloaded and installed to our phone. This is very useful when we need to track our loved ones especially the kids. The software can be customized to alert you if the location is in a place where we don’t want them to go. Some use the free cell phone look up software to track their employees that are on fieldwork. Companies find it reliable as they track the productivity of their out-of-base staff.

GPS can Localiser un portable fr not only localized places but worldwide. This was made possible through connections to other GPS tracking systems that are now installed almost everywhere.

If before we laugh at people who say that this technology is possible to happen; who are now laughing back at us? Anything is impossible if we people continue to embrace advancement as the norm of today and the future ahead.

They say that one of the most difficult moments to a parent’s life is taking care of teens. In fairness to teenagers, there is actually this certain personality change that happens during this years resulting to some inconsistencies with attitudes. These tag them to be weird and difficult to handle.

There are some things that they do that needs monitoring. Though many will say that it is better to let them learn on their own, guidance from a supportive parent must still be done. We many have full trust to our teens but the surroundings, the people they are with, and the influences outside can be a danger.

If you have a teen with mobile phones or even smart phones, do you consider tracking them? Maybe you should. Tracking them does not mean violating their privacy but it’s more of guiding them.

Good thing there is this new technology called cell phone tracker. It’s application software that enables tracking of all cell phone activities. Whether you are tacking their location or the activities they do, cell phone tracker can be of help to you.

Note that there are measures you need to follow before you do your tracking. You cannot just activate it and start tracking without permission. It is still covered by legalities even if the one you are tracking is a loved one. The only scenario where you can track without prior notice is when you are investigating on someone. If this is the case, you still need to seek legal counsel and coordinate with authorities.

Malaysia Tourism

Best Places to Visit Malaysia

If countries in the world awarded about diversity, Malaysia would top first place . not only is meeting of ethnic cultures, it is also a blend of many different customs, religions all coexisting peacefully together. this is the best places to visit Malaysia, include the cultural, historic and natural attractions.


Penang island is a famous tourism destination, historic diversity, rich culinary. position along traveled shipping routes the world travel. Penang island located in the strait of Malacca off northwestern coast of west Malaysia. with a colorful array of architecture, cultures and cuisine abundance of Malaysia country.


Langkawi island located northwestern coast of Malaysia, Langkawi island boasting picturesque beaches, an archipelago included 99 islands with rainforest, mangroves and forest mountains. In recent years, hotels, resorts, restaurants and other tourist facilities have strongly developed.


Melaka an important position on the busy sea route between India and china, located on southwestern coast of Malaysia. Melaka was ruled over for centuries between Indian, Portuguese, British and Dutch governments and become a modern city. this is the most city to visit traveler with architecture, culture, traditions and cuisine all also its rich heritage.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, the beautiful tableland offers lush scenery with colorful flower farms. Cameron highlands is one of the tourism attractions, located on 1500 meters , this is temperature always cool, with almost all year round in temperature 25 degrees. This is also the best place to enjoy at if you have an interest in betting.

Taman Negara

Taman Negara is the oldest national park of Malaysia and is considered to one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world. this place, visitors can enjoy waterfalls, trekking, bird watching, fishing and have a chance to see wild elephants.

The Botanic Garden in Penang

The Botanic Garden is located near the bottom of Waterfall Road from downtown Georgetown 8km. As an attractive tourist destination in Penang Island, you should visit when coming here. The reason for this garden called the waterfall Garden because at the end of the garden, there is a 122M high waterfall forming a poetic flow around the garden. Every day here welcomes thousands of visitors, watching the gentle stream of water flows around the tree.

The third Place to visit is Penang Hill, with 821m altitude compared to sea level, Penang Hill is an attractive place for visitors to enjoy the fresh air and panoramic view of the island from high.

Kuala Lumpur Landmarks and Historic

Royal Selangor Club

It was founded in 1884 as a small plank building with thatched roof, serving as a social and cricket club for a growing expatriate community. The original building was replace in 1890 by a two storey timber structure designed by A.C Norman, a government architect, and build in 1910 with a design similar to a mock Tudor house by architect AB Hubback

Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur

PETRONAS Twin Towers was official opened by Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohammad in 31 August 1999. Since that the towers become a Kuala Lumpur landmarks and a symbol of Malaysia’s social economy progress and achievement, it’s also a symbol of aspiration and ambitions of Malaysia to become a develop country by year 2020. This twin building is a home for Malaysia Petroleum Company also known as Petroliam Nasional Berhad or PETRONAS. PETRONAS is ranked among the FORTUNE Global 500 largest corporations in the world, engaged in the broad spectrum of oil and gas operation in more than 30 countries.

The idea to build this tower came from Malaysia 4th Prime Minister Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohammad that wanted the PETRONAS Twin Towers must be unique and can be recognizing as icon of Malaysia by people around the world like Eifel Tower in France or Great Wall in China.

Standing at 452 m (1483 feet), designed by Cesar Pelli & Associates from USA, the tower was build on the former horse racing track at Jalan Ampang, fully completed in 1997, PETRONAS twin towers became the highest twin building in the world on date of completion before the places been taking over by Taipei 101.

Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin

Located at Jalan Raja, besides Royal Selangor Club. This is a fine example of English Gothic architecture featuring beautiful stained glass window, tasselled tile paving and buttresses. Of interest here is a beautiful pipe organ built in 1895

Getting There

Walking distance (approx 3 minutes) from Sultan Abdul Samad Building.

Jamek Mosque Kuala Lumpur

Masjid Jamek is one of the oldest mosques in Kuala Lumpur; it’s located at the confluence of the Klang and Gombak River and was designed by Arthur Benison Hubback. The mosque official opened in 1909 after two years of construction by Sultan of Selangor. Before national mosque, Masjid Negara was opened in 1965, Masjid Negara served as Kuala Lumpur main mosque. The mosque has a Moorish architecture.


Do not visit on Friday around 1200noon – 230 pm, all the Muslim will perform Friday prayer during this time. You will unable to enter the Mosque and stuck in the crowded.

Getting There

  • Take Putra LRT to Masjid Jamek Station
  • Take Star LRT to Masjid Jamek
  • Walking distance (approx 10 minutes from Central Market, 10 minutes from Merdeka Square)

Merdeka Square

he Merdeka Square, also know as the Dataran Merdeka is situated in Malaysia in its capital city, which is Kuala Lumpur. On the opposite side of it is located the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. The Union Jack Flag was lowered and the Malaysian flag was hoisted at the Merdeka Square of the Dataran Merdeka as it is know, when Malaysia gained its independence from the British. The time was midnight, the date August 31st, the year 1957; this was if one might say the birthplace of the modern-day independent state of Malaysia. From that historic first Independence Day the Merdeka Square has been the site for countless more Independence Day celebrations. For successive years the National Day Parade of Malyasia which is called the Hari Mereka Parade has been held here at the Merdeka Square.

The Merdeka Square when translated into English means Independence Square. The site was previously home to the cricket green of the then Selangor Club. Hence the site was previously called the Selangor Club Padang, though at present the Selangor Club is called Royal Selangor Club. The Independence Square was formally opened in the year 1990 on the 1st of January, in collaboration to mark the Visit Malaysia Year 1990.

In the surrounding areas one can find Royal Selangor Club Complex, the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, St. Mary’s Anglican Cathedral, the Memorial Library and the national History Museum.

Spending some time at a Kuala Lumpur hotel would be recommended. A Kuala Lumpur hotel accommodation will help one to see much of the city of Kuala Lumpur and will also give you some leisure time to spend at With a Kuala Lumpur accommodation one can space out one’s travels and see many places of interest.

Historical Places in Malaysia

Malaysia is known for its larger than life place, where one can have unlimited fun and nightlife. The most promosing thing among many is Genting Highlands which is better known as City of Entertainment where you can play bwins888, gdbet333, welibet etc. However Malaysia is not only about happening place but it also has best historical places in the world, these places are enriched with its traditional and historical buildings, it is often visited by many travelers and it is true blenders of Malaysian culture.  It is visited by many tourists for landscape, location, and some adventure sports. The most popular historical places that one must visit during the trip are,

Formosa Fortress- it was built by Portuguese during 1500’s, the meaning is “the famous” in the Portuguese language.  It is one of the historical places in Malaysian, it has witnessed a big impact on Malaysian culture and history. You can enjoy with the glimpse of magnificent ancient structure and Malaysian history.

Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum– It symbolizes the history of Malaccan region, located in Malacca. This museum display collection of prints, photographic and different artworks, it was a made during the Melaka period by its community people. The museum is 3 storey building with a total of 8 chambers and 3 galleries, which include royal weapons, halls, royal gifts and bands.

Saint Paul church in Malacca– It is one of the 5 Portuguese build churches, it was built in 1521 on top of the hill. It still remains and is visited by tourist to view this beautiful church.

Bukit China– The largest cemetery outside China, located on north-east part of Malacca. It is the largest graveyard of the Chinese community during the 17th century. It has a significance in the history of Malaysia and many historic teams will visit this place.

The Stadthuys– The Dutch architecture was built during 1650 and was the official residence for Dutch governors and officers. This museum is opened now for public views, it displays many traditional outfits, artefacts, Malaccan items and many historical materials.

Cheng Hoon Teng– The Buddhist temple and one of the oldest temple in Malaysia, it has a huge space with an area covering 4600 Sq.mtrs. It includes numerous halls for prayer, 7mtr long flagpole is the most delightful features about this place. Many tourists visit this place during their visit to Malaysia.

Kampung Kling Mosque– It is the oldest mosque in Malacca city build during 1748. This mosque is main worship centre for Muslim Indian community. The minaret imposed just beside mosque is the most eye-catching structure. The architectural design of this place reflects Malaysian culture, tradition and history.